Monday 3/6:

  • 9.30: Keynote speaker: Tevfik Bultan

  • 10.30: Coffee break

  • 11.00-12.30: DAIS Session 1 “Cloud Computing I” (Chair: Spyros Voulgaris)

    • 11.00: Network Forensics for Cloud Computing (Full Research Paper)
      Tobias Gebhardt and Hans P. Reiser
    • 11.35: Ambient Clouds: Reactive Asynchronous Collections for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Applications (Full Research Paper)
      Kevin Pinte, Andoni Lombide Carreton, Elisa Gonzalez Boix and Wolfgang De Meuter
    • 12.10: Autonomous Adaptation of Cloud Applications (Work in Progress Paper)
      Everton Cavalcante, Thais Batista, Frederico Lopes, André Almeida, Ana Lucia De Moura, Noemi Rodriguez, Gustavo Alves, Flavia Delicato and Paulo Pires
  • 12.30-14.30: Lunch

  • 14.30-16:00: DAIS Session 2 “Cloud Computing II” (Chair: Rui Oliveira)

    • 14.30: Failure Analysis and Modeling in Large Multi-Site Infrastructures (Full Research Paper)
      Ngoc Minh Tran and Guillaume Pierre
    • 15.05: A Scalable Benchmark as a Service Platform (Full Research Paper)
      Alain Tchana, Noel De Palma, Ahmed El Rheddane, Bruno Dillenseger, Xavier Etchevers, and Ibrahim Safieddine
    • 15.40: Toward unified and flexible security policies enforceable within the Cloud (Work in Progress Paper)
      David Eyers and Giovanni Russello
  • 16.00-16.30: Coffee break

  • 16.30-18.00: Free

Tuesday 4/6

  • 9.30: Keynote speaker: Gian Piero Picco

  • 10.30: Coffee break

  • 11.00-12.30: DisCoTec Joint session

    • 11.0: Modelling Mac-layer communications in wireless systems (COORDINATION)
      Andrea Cerone, Matthew Hennessy and Massimo Merro
    • 11.30: FITCH: Supporting Adaptive Replicated Services in the Cloud (DAIS)
      Vinicius V. Cogo, Andrè Nogueira, João Sousa, Marcelo Pasin, Hans P. Reiser and Alysson Bessani
    • 12.00: Model Checking Distributed Systems against Temporal-Epistemic Specifications (FORTE/FMOODS)
      Andreas Griesmayer and Alessio Lomuscio
  • 12.30-14.30: Lunch

  • 14.30-16.00: DAIS Session 4 “Consistency and Scheduling” (Chair: Frank Eliassen)

    • 14.30: Semantically Aware Contention Management for Distributed Applications (Full Research Paper)
      Matthew Brook, Craig Sharp and Graham Morgan
    • 15.05: AJITTS: Adaptive Just-In-Time Transaction Scheduling (Full Research Paper)
      Ana Nunes, Rui Oliveira, and Jose Pereira
    • 15.40: Towards Decentralised Workflow Scheduling via a Rule-driven Shared Space (Work in Progress Paper)
      Hector Fernandez, Marko Obrovac and Cedric Tedeschi
  • 16.00-16.30: Coffee break

  • 16.30- : Social event and Dinner.

Wednesday 5/6:

  • 9.30: Keynote speaker: Roberto Baldoni

    “Tracking the past, defending the present and predicting the future: toward a trustworthy cyber space”

  • 10.30: Coffee break

  • 11.00-12.30: DAIS Session 5 “Storage” (Chair: David Bromberg)

    • 11.00: Evaluating the Price of Consistency in Distributed File Storage Services (Full Research Paper)
      José Valerio, Pierre Sutra, Étienne Rivière and Pascal Felber
    • 11.35: An effective scalable SQL engine for NoSQL databases (Full Research Paper)
      Ricardo Vilaça, Francisco Cruz, Jose Pereira and Rui Oliveira
    • 12.10: Strengthening Consistency in the Cassandra Distributed Key-Value Store (Work in Progress Paper)
      Panagiotis Garefalakis, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Ioannis Manousakis and Kostas Magoutis
  • 12.30-14.30: Lunch

  • 14.30-16:00: DAIS Session 6 “Networking and Peer-to-Peer” (Chair: Jim Dowling)

    • 14.30: Bandwidth Prediction in the Face of Asymmetry (Full Research Paper)
      Sven Schober, Stefan Brenner, Rüdiger Kapitza and Franz Hauck
    • 15.05: Strategies for Generating and Evaluating Large-Scale Powerlaw-distributed P2P Overlays (Full Research Paper)
      Ana-Maria Oprescu, Spyros Voulgaris and Haralambie Leahu
    • 15.40: Distributed architecture for a peer-to-peer-based virtual microscope (Work in Progress Paper)
      Andreas Jaegermann, Timm Filler and Michael Schoettner
  • 16.00-16.30: Coffee break

  • 16.30-17.30: DAIS Session 7 “Middleware” (Chair: François Taïani)

    • 16.30: Dynamic Deployment of Sensing Experiments in the Wild Using Smartphones (Full Research Paper)
      Nicolas Haderer, Romain Rouvoy and Lionel Seinturier
    • 17.05: EZ: towards efficient asynchronous protocol gateway construction (Work in Progress Paper)
      Yerom-David Bromberg, Floréal Morandat, Laurent Réveillère and Gaël Thomas
  • 17.30: Closing

Thursday 6/6: Workshops

  • CS2Bio 2013: 4th International Workshop on Interactions between Computer Science and Biology

    More information about CS2Bio 2013 can be found here.

  • ICE 2013: 6th Interaction and Concurrency Experience

    More information about ICE 2013 can be found here.

  • WWV 2013: 9th International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems

    More information about WWV 2013 can be found here.